Patriot Day Assembly

Our ceremony includes a parade of all 50 state flags, an honor guard, a speaker, music, a time to celebrate each branch of our military, and much more.  This year, we have a special moment during which the American Legion Post 229 will honor our fallen with a 21 gun salute.  This salute is fired with blanks (no bullets or projectiles) and with all appropriate safety precautions away from students.  Teachers will be educating students about the history of the 21 gun salute prior to the event.  We want to make our school community aware of this event in advance so that there is no concern about the sound of gunfire from our campus.  We are honored and thankful to the American Legion for participating in our ceremony this year.

While we are able to have our Parade of Heroes where we honor our veterans, current military and first responders, we are not able to have spectators at this time due to COVID safety restrictions, and only those participating in the ceremony will be allowed to attend.  If you are a veteran, current military or first responder who has not already RSVP’d and would like to participate in the Parade of Heroes, we would love to have you join us.  The deadline to notify our office that you would like to participate is today; however, we will still take any RSVP’s tomorrow morning if there is anyone else who would like to participate.  You can call our office at (760) 868-3126 or have your student bring the attached form to the office before school tomorrow and still join us for the event. The flyer that was sent home in the last few weeks regarding this opportunity is attached.  Again, we apologize that only our heroes can join us for this event and we cannot have spectators because of current safety restrictions.

We ask that all students wear red, white and blue on Friday as part of the celebration.  We look forward to continuing this tradition with our students and honoring our nation!  Thank you!